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          *  "The Crosses" (short film) was an official selection at the 2009 Feel Good film festival, nominated for best original score !          

   *  Listen for placements on "California Donor Network" radio spots, HBO documentaries
and "Chaotic Content" music library !           


Willahit is an active publishing company, placing music in film, tv, and commercial releases. We're dedicated to servicing every project with enthusiasm and integrity. 

Film and TV credits include... Prehysteria !, Prehysteria ! 3, Clutch, Back Soon, Pushed to the Limit, If We Knew Then, Midnight Tease 2, Beach Babes from Beyond, Cave Girl Island, Blonde Heaven, The Guiding Light, Trackside From Infineon,  River Rock Casino, Chavez Markets, The Latino Group, ABC, TNT, KTVU fox2, HBO, Cinemax, Disney, Paramount Pictures, CBS.

Album credits include... Unkle Bill's Kabin, Donna Cristy, Kaje, Gina Malfatti, Hasbeenwannabees, Contra Costa Songwriters Project, Ron Pestana and the Pit Crew.


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